Top 3 Places to Eat in Kerikeri

Kerikeri is a tiny town where you can experience the rich mixed history of New Zealand all in one place. Even better, it’s a place where you can taste and experience the food in Kerikeri.

Top 3 places to eat in Kerikeri

Food at Wharepuke

Food at Wharepuke was created in 2008, when a family discovered the sub-tropical gardens in Kerikeri. They turned an old army barracks into a restaurant and cafe, and the surrounding gardens into a food source. This restaurant serves a fascinating mix of Thai and European cuisine, with local vegetables and meat as the main ingredients in a delicious cultural blend.

We recommend an appetizer of bread with homemade lavash, and a main course of pork belly with soy ginger dressing.

Ake Ake Vineyard & Restaurant

For a taste of the culture and livelihood on Kerikeri, search for the Ake Ake Vineyard & Restaurant. The vineyard grew out of a few grape vines planted on the block in front of what would eventually become the restaurant. The restaurant is bistro-style, and diners enjoy locally made and grown food on an outdoor eating deck. The bistro serves food according to season, perfectly matching each dish to the wine. The vineyard grows its own vegetables and meat sources.

The Black Olive Restaurant

The Black Olive Restaurant prides itself on its pizza blended with Northland style cooking. You can eat on an outdoor deck, within an indoor dining area, inside an outdoor garden, and let your kids at the children’s playground. Their specialty is pizza, of course, and you can choose from pizza bread (garlic, olive, herb) to the more culturally traditional styles (fungi, kiwi, kaimoana), to the more familiar tastes (pepperoni, vegetarian, black olive special).

Eat Well in Kerikeri

This small town offers more than enough to please your traveling palette. Enjoy the relaxed, clean atmosphere of the town and top off the experience with good food.

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